The Daniel F. Evans Center for Spiritual and Religious Values in Healthcare

was established in 1996 in honor and memory of Indianapolis business leader Daniel F. Evans, Sr. Mr. Evans was a longtime champion of the integration of religious values into healthcare through his service on the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital Board of Directors.

One of the first centers of its kind to be developed and supported by a major hospital system, the Evans Center for Spiritual and Religious Values in Healthcare focuses on providing a forum for encouragement of interdisciplinary collaboration and support of spirituality in healthcare-related research that furthers the values of Indiana University Health.


The mission of the Evans Center is to promote the integration of religious and spiritual values in healthcare with a focus upon the mission, values and practices of IU Health.


The Evans Center will promote and provide resources for initiatives, programs and research that integrate the values of compassion, whole person care, ethical practice and spiritual care services into all patient care, community wellness and staff development activities of IU Health.


  • To facilitate processes related to the Indiana University Health Values Fund Grant for the Integration of Spiritual and Religious Dimensions in Healthcare.

  • To conduct high quality research and publish on themes of religious and spiritual integration and ethical development in healthcare.

  • To strengthen the capabilities of diverse communities of faith to effectively express their whole person ministries.

  • To address systemic needs for change within IU Health and the community in areas of religious and spiritual wholeness.

  • To educate IU Health practitioners concerning religious, spiritual and ethical dimensions of healthcare.

  • To express the IU Health identity as a Conference Related Unit of the United Methodist Church.